Win a Digital Photo Keychain

Gadget5 is running a contest to win a digital photo keychain. 

This is a pretty cool gadge, it’s got a 1.5 inch display and 4.8MB memory. This may not sound like alot, but you gotta remember the images are small so they won’t be much bigger than 50-100kb each. 

You get a USB cable and built-in software to upload and trim your images. 

You can then set the digital photo keychain to screensaver mode to automatically switch between  your photos at set times. What’s also handy is that you can use it to show the date and time. 

These keychains usually cost around $20 in retail.

If you want to win this contest, head on over to gadget5 for more details below. The contests ends on july 6th and there aren’t that many entrants yet. Oh, and they’re giving away not just 1, but 3 keychains.



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