Win a playstation 3

Money007 is holding an awesome contest in which you can win a playstation 3 + GTA 4, the acclaimed game. What’s more, this contest isn’t even limited to US traffic. 

Contest details are here

It’s a very easy contest, here are the ways to win: 

  •  Compulsory (1 Ticket) —> Must subscribe to our RSS feed via e-mail.
  •  2 Tickets —> Stumble this page.
  •  2 Tickets —> Digg this page.
  •  2 Tickets —> Bookmark us on
  •  5 Tickets OR 8 Tickets —> Twitter a post about us linking to this post (woth 5 Tickets). OR. Twitter a post about us and become a follower of Money007’s Twitter Page (8 Tickets).
  •  15 Tickets —> Make a blog post about this competition and link to us.
  •  20 Tickets —> Make a Youtube video about this competition, and tell us why you should win!
The more tickets, the more chances you have of winning.

One Response to “Win a playstation 3”

  1. playstation 3 rumors Says:

    hi thx , you have a good blog i get a good information about playstation nice jobs and make a many article about playstation. 🙂

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